Puerto Banos, Spain

Marbella, Spain

About Marbella

Marbella, which means "Beautiful Sea" is located right on the coast and about a 20-minute drive from the property. A number of beaches are connected along the promenade, where you will find nice restaurants and caf├ęs. If you want to visit small tapas bars and stroll around the alleys and cozy squares, the old town, which dates from Roman times, is really cozy. Orange Square can be warmly recommended for a visit. Sit in the evening sun and enjoy a glass of wine and view life around the small square. The old town has low buildings and here you will find in addition to many restaurants, also simple jewellery, clothing and shoe shops as well as some small shops for art. 

If you want to experience jet-set life, the luxury clothing brands and yachts, you will make your way down to Puerto Banus, which borders Marbella. You can rent bikes and easily get around between Marbella's promenade and Puerto Banus if desired. The walking or cycling trip along the sea front west from Puerto Banus leads to San Pedro. On this stretch there are a range of beach cafes and chiringuitos, just stop by and enjoy the sea views. Very nice. 

Generally it can be said that the range is great along the entire coast and both children, as well as young people and adults have a lot to choose from. Culture, sports, shopping, restaurants, beaches, mountains and a climate with about 300 days of sunshine a year.   


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