Panoramic view of Orgon in Provence, France

Provence, France

About Provence

Provence is most often associated with rolling hills beautifully accompanied by vineyards and olive groves as well as small medieval towns with ring walls, pinnacles and towers. Provence is embraced to the east by the Alps, to the south by the Mediterranean Sea and to the west by the River Rhône.

Along provence's south coast are many glamorous places. Monaco, Nice, Antibes, Cannes, St. Maxime, Saint Tropez, yes the list can be made long by celebrity-dense metropolises. You can reach them all at more or less an hour's drive from our Shangri la in Draguignan.

The region's cuisine is rich and varied with fresh seafood along the coast, game and truffles up against the mountains. Vegetables and fruit can be purchased either from a nearby farmer or at small town markets.

In Provence, rosé wine has become a specialty and a way of life, largely due to the unique climate, soil and variety of grapes from which to make quality rosé wine. Of course, you also produce some good red and white wines.  Warming sun and cool sea winds. The same conditions that make Provence a fantastic destination also provide world-class wines. The many hours of the day produce ripe fruit tones while cool nights preserve acid and balance.

In Provence you can also enjoy a good pastis, this golden, anise-scented classic aperitif that is so common on the French Riviera and where you like to drink it before lunch. Well chilled and often laced with water and vips! ... the liqueur turns into a milky white drink in the glass.


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Draguignan 67.10 Km
Les Arcs 68.90 Km
Lorgues 76.60 Km
Tourtour 78.70 Km
Sainte-Maxime 67.10 Km
Saint-tropez 69.90 Km
Cannes 25.90 Km
Antibes 17.90 Km
Principality of Monaco 12.60 Km

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