Up to 10 weeks per year

Choose 42 or 70 days of usage

As an owner, you get the opportunity to book up to a full 10 weeks per year, which is probably more vacation than most people have time for!

There is plenty of room for both short and longer holidays on the properties. The booking system ensures good flexibility and fairness for all:

  • With the booking system, you can book up to 23 months in the future. Of course, it is also possible to book an impulse trip at short notice, if available. You choose which property you want to visit and when you want to do it.
  • Each property has two days of arrival, e.g. Thursday and Sunday. This provides good flexibility for your travel and opens up opportunities to, for example, find affordable flight departures.
  • You can choose to book everything from mini holidays of 3 or 4 days, weekly vacations of 7 days, or “long weeks” of 10 or 11 days as well as long vacations from 2 weeks and up.
  • Before each year, you receive 70 days of use (10 weeks). If you think you will use less than 10 weeks per year, there is also the possibility to choose the option 42 days of use (6 weeks). This then entails a lower monthly fee. You choose the desired option for each year. This choice gives each family the freedom and flexibility to adapt their use according to needs, from year to year.
  • For example. in association III if you choose 42 days of use, your fee for that year will be €295/month. If you choose the more comprehensive 70 day option, the fee will be €490/month. Very flexible.
  • The absolute largest part of the monthly fee goes to yourself via the owners association (“Owners Club”), as the monthly fee covers everything from pool care, gardening, ongoing renovations, provision for maintenance fund, etc. Much like in a condominium association. A smaller part of the monthly fee, about 25%, goes to Fivecation’s service company. This is to handle administration, service, the booking system and a number of other amenities, precisely so that you can relax and enjoy your holidays and your ownership to the maximum!
  • Some weeks are more sought after than others, such as Easter, High Summer and Christmas. These are called high season days and when booking, two days of use are consumed per overnight stay. All other days (normal season) consume one day of use per overnight stay. This is done to create good air and flexibility in the booking calendar and provides a fair and even distribution over the year. As an example, 10 weeks of use would then be enough: 14 overnight days in the spring (normal season) plus 14 days in the high summer (high season) plus 28 days in the autumn and winter (normal season).
  • Just book and enjoy your holiday homes!

Swap – You become a co-owner of 4 properties, but have access to 12 properties.

We call it Swap! When you are a co-owner of Club Fivecation III, you can swap days with friends in, for example, Club Fivecation I and of course vice versa.

Possibly the other association has some gems that you would love to try.

The whole thing is handled automatically. In your account, you make a request to swap days with the other association. Immediately or as soon as your request for a swap of days is confirmed by the friends in the other association, your own balance is reduced and you instead receive a credit for booking on the other association’s properties. You then choose the time and which property you want to try.

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