Four different destinations

You own holiday homes in four destinations

Imagine being able to choose between 4 dream destinations of different nature.

Fivecation provides a unique opportunity to own and live in four different destinations. You do not lock yourself in a place to live. This gives a variety at the same time as the feeling of home occurs.

In Association III you will be able to alternate between the gems Alfamar in the Nerja area, Villecruz in Provence, The Italian Alps and Algarve. Places you can holiday all year round where you through your ownership get access to most things, such as wonderful beaches, sea, pools, vineyards, unobstructed views, mountains, greenery, culture, padel, golf, skis, spa baths, romance and restaurants. Opportunities that are only given because you own several accommodations in different places.

You become a partner in 4 properties, but have access to 12 properties.

We call it Swap! When you are a co-owner of Club Fivecation III, you can swap days with friends in Club Fivecation I or Club Fivecation II and of course vice versa.

Possibly the other association has some gems that you would love to try.

The whole process is handled completely automatic. in your account you make a request to swap days with the other association. Immediately or as soon as your request for a swap of days is confirmed by the friends in the other association, your own balance is reduced and you instead receive a credit for booking on the other association’s properties. You then choose the time and which property you want to try.

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