Villa in Algarve in Portugal

4 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

8 Guests


The Algarve is large and we are looking intensively for an inviting villa with 4-5 bedrooms, nice salon, kitchen that can be open to the lounge and 3-5 bathrooms. The outdoor environment will attract sun and bath, with several terraces and of course a heated pool. For Club Fivecation III we are especially interested in two areas, Ferragudo and Praia da Luz & Burgau.

Association I has a parade villa in Moraira, Spain. Here the co-owners have four bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, four bathrooms and a magnificent pool area with heated pool.

The co-owners of Förening II enjoy a top villa in Bargemon in Provence. In this high-class villa there are no less than six bedrooms, three spacious bathrooms, salon and modern kitchen. Large pool area with heated pool.




The Algarve coast offers long, clean sandy beaches, stunning natural scenes, beautiful architecture, genuine local market life, historic fishing villages and breathtaking views. With its perfect location as Portugal’s southernmost point, the coastal strip Algarve enjoys a mild climate all year round. What is often called the Algarve coast stretches 150 kilometers along the coast and the average temperature is around 20 degrees.

The Algarve is a very sunny destination and the sun shines 300 days a year. During the coldest period December to February, the daytime temperature is usually above 15 degrees and during the summer around 28-30 degrees.

Along the south coast are many smaller towns and fishing villages with usually a common denominator, a fishing port and a fantastic beach.

The most prominent thing when travelling around the Algarve is how well maintained the houses, plots and nature are. Big difference to the neighbor to the east.

The region’s cuisine is rich and varied with fresh seafood along the coast. You can buy vegetables and fruit either from a nearby farmer or at small-town markets. Portugal is the world’s tenth largest wine producer and offers a wide range of good wines.


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