Club Fivecation III

Club Fivecation III

Association III is in the start-up phase and two properties have been purchased. Association III is part of our largest concept, Grande de luxe. Three villas that have 4-5 bedrooms and private heated pools as well as a sports apartment in the Italian Alps with space for eight people. In selected villas there is a wine cellar, billiards, boules, table tennis and/or games room, i.e. that little extra. Perfect for those who want to add an extra touch to their stays abroad, with plenty of space for children, grandchildren and friends. The villa in Villecroze (Provence) was ready for checkin on November 26, 2023 and the villa in Alfamar (Nerja area) was already ready for checkin on October 25, 2023.

Each property passes through the eye of a needle. Our specification of requirements makes the brokers despair, but our basic rule is that we would have privately bought the property, if we had not been so fond of the sharing economy.

The properties in Alfamar in the Nerja area and Villecroze in Provence are ready. We are now planning in the Italian Alps and are looking for a sports apartment with strong attractiveness even during the summer. In the Algarve we are looking for a 4-5 bedroom villa with a heated pool. Read more about priority resorts in the Algarve and Italian Alps under each destination below. Here we give a typical example of the properties.

Price: Fr. €267,000 per share.


42 days of use: €295

70 days use: €490

The only costs that will be added are cleaning fee on departure and electricity consumption during your stay. Sales in Association III are in full swing. You become a co-owner of four properties, but by Swapping between the associations, you can enjoy up to twelve fantastic properties in as many unique destinations. Click below for property information, pictures and destination description regarding Club Fivecation III.

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