Club Fivecation II

Club Fivecation II – One place left

Here you will get an enviable mix of wonderful holiday destinations in France, Italy and Spain. Good flight connections ensure smooth transfers from the airport and often pleasantly affordable flights. In Club Fivecation II you can browse between a parade villa in authentic Bargemon (Provence), get active in the sports and ski resort Ponte di Legno (Italian Alps), enjoy the fabulous coves of Cala d ‘Or (Mallorca ) and a first-class villa in La Herradura (Nerja area). The destinations offer a lot of attractiveness and long seasons, with for us Swedes, pleasant temperatures. And best of all, you can visit all four properties in the same year, once or several times.

Price: €249,000


42 days: €290

70 days: €450

The only costs that will be added are cleaning fee on departure and electricity consumption during your stay. Sales in Club Fivecation II began in May 2022 and the first co-owner used the apartment in Mallorca in June 2022. You become a co-owner of four properties, but by Swapping between the associations, you can enjoy up to twelve fantastic properties in as many unique destinations.

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Ponte di Legno
Cala d ́Or, Mallorca

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