Martin Wirth

Martin Wirth is an entrepreneur in the travel industry, who in 1989 started the charter organizer Solresor. After 18 years as CEO, he made an exit and started TripX Travel AB, a travel company that invests in digitizing the entire package travel process. Martin is one of the initiators and founders of Fivecation. He lives in Ljunghusen a few miles south of Malmö with his family.

3 quick questions:

1. What is your favorite travel destination?

‘Oh, hard to say, I’ve visited a lot of gems. But from having often traveled to Spain and Dubai, I would say that nowadays I like to travel to southern France and the Italian Alps. However, I prefer the Alps in the summer, when nature is magnificent and the temperature appealing. I’m not a big skier, even though for a few years in the 80’s I worked at STS Alpresor.’

2. What do you prefer to eat?

‘I like French cuisine a lot, but Swedish seafood isn’t entirely wrong either.’

3. Why did you start Fivecation?

‘I think the way of travelling and holidaying will change over time. Many will continue to travel and stay in hotels, but an increased proportion will want their own accommodation with more space, self-catering and a sense of home. I believe in the sharing economy as a way to make the ownership of vacation rentals abroad more sustainable and varied, with more value for money. Why should you own and pay for more than you can use?’

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