Jonas Hagberg

Jonas Hagberg has a solid background from the financial industry and works with international corporate groups. He has previously lived and worked in Italy, Spain and Germany. Today, Jonas is a board member of Fivecation and lives in Ljunghusen together with his family.

3 quick questions:

1. If you were to choose any favorite destination; Which one would it be?

‘Florida’s west coast is high on the list, but very difficult to choose because Europe has so much to offer. I’ll go with Mallorca then! Bathing bays, sports and tapas are not wrong! But I like snowboarding too… can I change my mind, haha?’

2. You enjoy racquet sports but is there any activity that attracts especially, when you are abroad?

‘I’m a competitive person who likes to run challenges with the family, so the fact that the properties in Provence have boules courts is no direct coincidence…’

3. If you were to mention something that appeals to you about Fivecation; What would that be?

‘The sharing economy is in its infancy and sharing resources is self-evident in a modern, economic and conscious future. For my part, beautiful houses and environments have also always appealed to me and I think it is important that the whole family can live comfortably when traveling.’

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