Fredrik Wirth

Fredrik Wirth is a driven and analytical developer with experience of leadership, IT operations and system development at one of the Nordic region’s largest IT companies. In recent years, he has held various roles in IT at everything from large IT companies in Sweden to startups in the Baltics. Today, Fredrik is a software engineer and IT Director with us at Fivecation.

A few quick questions:

1. You have coded Fivecation’s IT platform from scratch, what was the biggest challenge?

‘There are always parts that can hook up when building an IT system, the biggest challenge was probably to build the billing system with the booking platform, but after a couple of thermoses of coffee and 5 days of night shifts, that too worked out’

2. How do you ensure the operation of the Fivecation systems?

‘I’ve built a 24h alarm system that gives us real-time information if something deviates. The system is reliable, but it is good to have an extra watchful eye, where we can usually correct deviations within a few hours.’

Email: [email protected]

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