Berth-Åke Knutsson

Berth-Åke Knutsson works as an accountant at BakerTilly Malmö. From his youth, travel to near and far has been an existential need for him. Berthan, as everyone calls him, is one of the initiators and founders of Fivecation. He is a owner in Club Fivecation I and lives in Skanör, a few miles south of Malmö, with his family.

3 quick questions:

1. What do you do in your spare time?

‘If I don’t play golf, I’m with the family who share my great interest in travel. I also like to stay physically fit and work out every day, either in the gym or with some kind of cardio workout.’

2. Where did you grow up?

‘In Småland, more specifically in Förlösa, just north of Kalmar. Here I grew up among flowers and vegetables at my dad’s gardening workshop. Although I enjoy my time in Skåne and Skanör, my heart remains in Småland.’

3. Why did you start Fivecation?

‘I like variety, but I want a homely feel. In the long run, it becomes boring to travel to the same place year in and year out. Our concept is tailor-made for my family. Variety, with nice holiday accommodations in destinations of different character. The investment is perhaps a fifth compared to own ownership of a property and the monthly cost perhaps a third. You also get a carefree holiday life, if something goes wrong, I call the on-call contact. It’s a holiday for me!’

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Email: [email protected]

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