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How do we book?

With Fivecation’s booking platform, you can book your holidays in a simple, fair and clear way.

You make a booking in the system to the desired property and receive confirmation immediately. You have 24 hours to book, for example, a flight or ask family and friends if the booking is suitable.

There is room for many and flexible holidays through the booking system:

  • You can book the four properties up to a full 10 weeks per calendar year.
  • You choose which property you want to visit and when you want to do so, with the opportunity to book up to 23 months in the future.
  • You flexibly choose the length of your trips, for example 3, 4, 7, 10, 11, 14 days, or longer. Thus, you are not bound to weekly bookings, unless desired.
  • High season days, such as high summer and Easter “cost” more to book. High season days “cost” 2 days per booked day, while normal season, i.e. all other days, “costs” 1 day per booked day.
  • There are 2 arrival/departure days per week for each property, which means good opportunities to find good airfares and departures from all major Nordic and European airports.

The importance of air in the calendar:

The possibilities to book the periods you want are good. This is an important part of the concept and something Fivecation has put a lot of emphasis on. Fundamental is to create air in the calendar, which happens in the following way:

  • At the four accommodations there are 4 x 52v = 208 weeks to allocate. With the consumption of high-season days, the space will theoretically become even larger, about 270 weeks. It would thus be possible to allocate 13-14 weeks to each partner. But in the Fivecation concept, we have chosen to create extra air in the calendar for the owners and therefore you can get a maximum of 10 weeks allocated. If we count on an even distribution of owners who choose the 6 and 10 week option, we end up with about 60-65% occupancy. This “air” in the calendar is very important to meet the criterion that you should be able to book the vacation days you want. A co-ownership concept that resembles own ownership as much as possible is the idea.
  • Another factor that contributes to less ‘crowding’ is that the families have different character. Many do not go in high season, some always go in high season, some mix, etc. There will thus be a natural distribution over the year. In addition, there are High Season days that “cost” more days to book, which also distributes the utilization better over the year. High season days are there to balance demand with supply.

Welcome to a simple and flexible booking system!

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