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In this section you will find answers to many of the most common questions.
If you do not get an answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us.


How much does an ownership stake in Club Fivecation III cost?

Share 1-5: Subscribed

Share 4-6: €267 000

Share 8-9: €279,000

Share 10-20: To be determined

Immediately after signing, you get access to the booking platform and can start booking holidays.

What does the payment process look like?

The payment process in our associations:

If all properties in an association are bookable, 10% of the payment must be made within fifteen days. Final settlement according to settlement.

If three properties are bookable, 75% of the share price must be paid, of which 10% after fifteen days. Final settlement according to settlement.

When the third property becomes bookable, an additional 25% of the share price must be paid, within 30 days

When the fourth and final property becomes bookable, the remaining 25% of the share price must be paid, within 30 days

Can my company buy a share?

Yes, it is possible. Please contact us for further information.


What locations are the accommodations located in?

The concept is based on the fact that everything we do must correspond to high standards, where location is one of the most important things. It is housing in attractive and carefully selected areas, which has “that extra”. The combination of the four overseas accommodations, which for Association III is in Provence, France, in the Nerja area, Spain, in the Italian Alps and in the Algarve, Portugal, meets criteria such as magnificent views, activities, sports, sun & bath, spa & luxury, city & shopping, snow & ski, cafes & vineyards as well as romance and relaxation.

What about connections from home to the accommodations?

We always choose destinations that have direct flights from the major airports. The goal is that by rental car or taxi you can reach the properties within 30-90 minutes.

What standards can I expect at the properties?

The properties in Associations I and II are called Large Plus: Attractive properties with a lovely atmosphere, where the villas have private heated pools and spacious outdoor areas. It offers good space even for the large family.

The properties in Association III are known as Grande de luxe: Three villas that have 4-5 Bedrooms and private heated pools as well as a sports apartment in the Italian Alps with space for eight people. In selected villas there is a wine cellar, cinema, boules, table tennis and / or games room, ie that little extra. Perfect for those who want to put an extra golden edge on their stays abroad, with plenty of space also for children, grandchildren and friends.

All accommodations are equipped and renovated to a good standard and Fivecation’s interior design team handles the furnishings. Finishes, design, furnishings and renovations are handled carefully. Maintaining the values of the properties is of the utmost importance and as an owner you should be able to expect good standards even over time.

What furnishings are available in the accommodations?

You come to ready-made and complete homes. Sofas, beds, tables, lamps, carpets, outdoor furniture, sun loungers, etc. are selected to suit each specific living environment. We equip and design the homes based on the concept of “exclusivity with a home feel”. We put a lot of effort into finding long-term good investments in the furniture. Since the whole concept is based on the sharing economy, these decisions are facilitated, therefore we can invest in a really good sofa group or table that also lasts over time.

Are there bed linen and towels in the accommodations?

Yes, it works much like in hotels. You arrive at a fully cleaned and fully equipped home. There are soft, lovely towels for shower and hand washing as well as bath towels for the pool and the beach. The bedding is chosen to fit into the respective sleeping environment and is of a good quality.

How many beds are there?

It varies between different properties and different associations. Read more about each property.

Can I store clothes or things in the home?

To the extent that there is room in the accommodation (for example, extra storage room or garage), we enable each owner to store limited things in private sealed boxes / wardrobes. You may want a summer dress, swim shorts, sandals, sunglasses, perfume or the like that is always in place. One idea of this is that you should be able to travel comfortably with only hand luggage to your accommodation.

Are there other basic goods in place?

The homes are equipped with the necessary basic goods such as coffee, tea, kitchen paper, toilet paper, salt, pepper, dishwashing detergent, detergent.

How does cleaning work?

After each stay, a mandatory cleaning is carried out by the selected cleaning company. The price is about 120-150 Euro depending on the property. Bed linen and towels are also taken care of by the cleaning company. Price per person about 15 Euro. The cost of cleaning and washing is charged to your account after the stay and paid into the association’s operating account. You should be able to expect to arrive at “hotel standard” and you leave the home with the same quality to the next guest.

What about WiFi and TV?

The properties are equipped with WiFi and TV.

What about insurance of the homes?

The homes are insured according to the recommendations of local insurance brokers.

How can I get an idea of the properties?

We have carefully compiled an extensive material with texts and with images of both the residents and the surroundings. You should be able to make a safe decision based on the basis.

Is there the possibility of sports/activities?

There are a number of opportunities for sports and activities in the immediate area, in addition to the obvious such as that there are beach and pools where you can get active.

Ownership and sharing economy

When can we move in?

Fivecation carefully selects the four properties. It provides security for you as a buyer. The accommodations will be available for stay immediately after they have been renovated and furnished.

In Association I and Association II, all properties are ready and occupied by co-owners.

In Association III, the purchases and completion will take place in succession. The first property (Villecruze) is expected to have the first check-in in September 2023 and in Alfamar during October 2023. The sports apartment in the Italian Alps is expected to be ready for occupancy Christmas 2023. The fourth property is expected to be ready for occupancy next winter/spring.

What do we become owners of?

You become 5% owner of four vacation homes with a high standard. The ownership is shared by 20 families and each owner will be written with 1/20 directly on the title deeds. The finesse of the sharing economy is that the total effort is about five million Euros, which means a lot of accommodation for a limited own effort.

What is our monthly fee?

The fee in, for example, Association III is a total of 295 Euro/month for up to 42 days of disposition per year, and 490 Euro/month for up to 70 days of disposition. You choose for yourself before each year what level you want.

The fee is divided into two parts, below is described the 6-week option:

The largest part of the fee, 210 Euro (of the 295) is paid to the owner association where you are a member, ie to Club Fivecation. This covers home insurance, property taxes, local taxes, garbage collection, provision for ongoing maintenance, pool maintenance, gardening, as well as a common portion of electricity and water fees on the four properties. The remaining part, 85 Euro, goes to the Service Company and mainly covers fees for administration, salaries and booking platform.

What does the monthly fee cover?

The total monthly fee covers ongoing costs, such as provision for maintenance, pool maintenance, gardening, WiFi, insurance, property taxes, local taxes, garbage collection, common costs for water, heating, electricity, and management and administration. Before each stay, the property is opened up and service staff make sure that the property is prepared and ready for your arrival. In addition to the monthly fee, there is a fee for mandatory professional cleaning after your stay, as well as your private consumption of electricity / heat.

Can the monthly fee be lower?

It is an opportunity that should be presented with great caution. An improved economy can, of course, lead to cuts. The ambition should be to remain constantly at an unchanged level with an accrual for inflation. We now have experience from two associations in full operation. Association I showed a surplus of just over 25% against the budgeted 15%. The surplus goes in full to the renovation fund.

How do we become owners?

It is important to be careful in the process of who is allowed to become a partner. This is so that all owners can feel safe. In general, UC information is taken and you are asked to provide an extract from the criminal record from the police.

In short, the process looks as follows:

  1. Review of the agreements.
  2. Signing of the agreements, either during a physical meeting or digitally.
  3. You can start booking your accommodation
  4. After 15 days, a deposit must be paid; €13,350
  5. After 45 days, partial payment I shall be made; €120 150
  6. When property three is purchased, partial payment II must be paid; €66,750
  7. When property four is purchased, partial payment III must be paid; €66,750
What is the form of ownership?

Direct ownership. Each co-owner is directly on the title deeds in the respective property. This is a security for everyone.

Do you need to have contact with other owners?

No, unless you wish it. The feeling will be that you own your accommodation yourself. Once a year, the owners are called to a meeting by the association’s board, then you should attend.

Are there any loans in the 4 homes?

No. 0% leverage. This is a solid security for all owners.
Those who need to borrow can normally mortgage any free values in their own home at home.

Do you buy homes for the entire sum?

The sum goes to the purchase of the homes, including taxes, renovation, overheads, furnishings and complete furnishings, as well as provision for the owners’ own maintenance fund / cash for maximum security.

How does ongoing maintenance of the homes work?

The budget and thus the monthly fee include provisions for ongoing maintenance. The homes are prepared from the beginning, but it is important to think ahead as well. As security, therefore, from the start, EUR 25,000 is also set aside as a reserve for the owners’ association, i.e. Club Fivecation II’s maintenance fund. Club Fivecations II’s maintenance fund is continuously replenished with the partners’ monthly fees. If maintenance is needed, withdrawals are primarily made from the maintenance fund.

How do I sell my share?

Your purchase should hopefully be a good long-term investment. If, for various reasons, you need to sell, this is not a problem. Co-owners themselves have the right to sell their ownership stake in the four properties. Co-owners can also sell their share directly through the Service Company or through external brokers, i.e. real estate agents specialized in buyers abroad. When using the Service Company, an administration fee is normally paid, corresponding to approximately 5% of the sales price. The administration fee is intended to cover the Service Company’s administration and marketing costs. So far, we have had one completed resale and then it took 3-4 weeks before buyer and seller found each other.

Is it a good investment?

In the long term, real estate has historically always proven to be a good investment. By also spreading the investment over different geographical areas, theoretically the risks can also be reduced. But above all, you can also enjoy your investment in fantastic places. A general starting point is that after five years of ownership, you can make a capital gain that exceeds all the monthly costs you have had during the ownership period.

What makes Fivecation different from time share?

The difference is big. In typical “time share” you are assigned and buy specific weeks, usually at only one accommodation and usually only 1 week. There is a very large proportion of weekly owners in time share, where even the companies behind time share have great influence and profit hunger. You do not really own your property in time share and your freedom and your “ownership” is very limited in time share, while both the stakes and the fees are very high.

Fivecation’s ownership model is not “time share”. In Fivecation’s ownership there are only the partners who buy and own 100% of the four properties. The costs are shared equally, the transparency is 100% and there are no intermediaries. Here you as the owner stand directly on the title deeds and decide on most things yourself. No one else decides which days and weeks you should book. Freedom. Flexibility. Security.

Booking system

How does the booking system work?

Fivecation’s booking platform is a guarantee of a simple, fair and clear ownership life.

We have developed a booking system consisting of an automated digital platform. You make a booking in the system to the desired property and you will receive confirmation immediately. You also have 24 hours to book, for example, a flight or ask family and friends if the booking is suitable.

There is room for many and flexible holidays through the booking system:

  • You can use the four properties up to a full 10 weeks per calendar year.
  • You choose which property you want to visit and when you want to do so, with the opportunity to book up to 23 months in the future.
  • You flexibly choose the length of your trips, for example 3,4,7,10,11,14 days, or longer. Here you will not be tied to weekly bookings if this is not desired.
  • As an owner, you choose before each year the vacation usage package for the upcoming year, 42 or 70 normal nights, corresponding to 6 or 10 weeks. Some years you travel more, some years you travel less. You choose.
  • There are 2 arrival/departure days per week, which means good opportunities to find good airfares and departures from all major Nordic and European airports.

It should be easy to book the vacation days you want, which is carefully thought out and has the following background:

  • The destinations are possible to visit all year round, which means good distribution of utilization over the year.
  • There is about 35% space in the calendar when allotted days are booked, i.e. the properties are unused. Co-owners who have run out of days can book these periods if there are less than 7 days until arrival.
  • The structure differs in each owner family, some have preferences for autumn and winter bookings, others wish for summer, some wish for short trips and others want a mix of everything.
  • High season days, such as high summer and Easter, “cost” more to book. High season days “cost” 2 days per booked day, while Normal season “costs” 1 day per booked day.

All in all, these parameters mean that you can very likely book your dream trips on the desired dates.


You become a co-owner of 4 properties, but have access to 12 properties.

When you are a co-owner of Club Fivecation III, you can exchange (swap) days with friends in Club Fivecation I and of course vice versa.

Possibly the other association has some gems that you would love to try.

The whole process is handled completely automatic. In your account, you make a request to Swap days with the other association. Immediately or as soon as your request for a swap of days is confirmed by the friends in the other association, your own balance is reduced and you instead receive a credit for booking on the other association’s properties. You then choose the time and which property you want to try.

Some of Fivecation’s mottos are variety and flexibility!

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